A basic yet powerful way to achieve visibility for your business online

“Google My Business” is the simplest & cheapest way to get online and is always recommended whether you have a website or not.


August 20th, 2019

Something I always recommend any business to do is to get onto Google My Business. No matter if you are a shop front, brand or organisation, this simple step will enhance your online visibility quickly and easily.

Cut to the chase:
Here is the link to sign up: https://business.google.com
and scroll down to reveal my top tips.

I would recommend doing as much as you can to fill out your organisation details in full. This platform allows you to share a great deal about your business and also allows you to regularly update your customers on:

  • seasonal offers
  • changes of hours
  • articles
  • photos / product images
  • change of address
  • list out new services you offer

I will explore some of these features below, so if you really want to maximise the benefits you get from google My Business, read on.

This is what a typical google my business listing looks like.

My top tips on using Google My Business efficiently:

1. Allow all the core team at your company access to the listing by assigning them as users.

Then you can allow them access to share the latest updates about the company. From the smallest change in hours, a last minute update that your business is closing early, to more creative posts about new products or offers.

Read more about adding users to your google my business listing.

2. Provide offers to users who find your listing by searching

It sounds simple, but everyone likes an offer, right? By adding value to your offer e.g. discount, or in-store-reductions users will become engaged in your business quicker. Provide a welcome offer to thank customers who follow your business.

Read more about welcome offers.

3. Install the Google My Business App onto your mobile device

Having your listing at your fingertips is essential if you want to keep it up to date. You can download the app in the Google Play Store or from the App Store.

4. Read the documentation, discover users just like yourself, and learn about new features

Check out the documentation here - you can also browse the forum for more top tips! They have an announcements page to allow you to discover the latest features in one place.

5. Provide a feed of events to your Google My Business listing which shows up in search results

Does your business promote events? Ask yourself, do you ever host the following?:

  • In-store sales
  • Workshops
  • Gigs or performances
  • Parties
  • Athletic events
  • Pretty much anything that has a date attached to it.

You can get your events to appear in the google search results simply by creating a Post, selecting post type 'Event' then filling out the details. Have lots of events? Utilise structured data on your website so that they populate automatically.

Want more tips?

Contact me by email: adam@youi.design or visit my company's website: https://youi.design if you need help with your online presence.